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Speak to the World ... in French!

French is a rich, lively language, full of subtleties. Discover my French courses in Neuchâtel in private lessons, training courses and workshops to learn to communicate and express yourself in French with confidence.

French courses in the canton of Neuchâtel

School philosophy

I’ve spent much of my adult life abroad, in London, Berlin, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro. These cultural and professional experiences have shaped my personality and stimulated my desire to learn languages and immerse myself in diverse cultures.

In the heart of Neuchâtel, I invite you to discover the richness of foreign languages and cultures.

Available in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese (B), the workshops and private courses follow the dynamic approach of the OPAH concept, unique in Switzerland.

Fully personalized and focused on your specific needs, this innovative method facilitates language learning by giving priority to oral expression, and encouraging the learner to communicate freely in the foreign language.

cours français Neuchâtel
Our services
  • cours pour adultes Courses for adults
  • Cours pour enfants (5 à 10 ans) Children's courses (ages 5 to 10)
  • Intégration linguistique Language integration
  • cours de langues pour les entreprises For companies
Cours de langues pour adultes

Language courses for adults

Are you apprehensive about expressing yourself in a foreign language? This course is for you!

Whether you already have a basic knowledge of French, Spanish, English or Portuguese, our aim is to help you gain fluency and confidence, with an emphasis on oral expression.

Children's courses (ages 5 to 10)

This course aims to facilitate learning through fun activities, such as stories, songs and games, which will help you quickly acquire a simple and practical vocabulary.

Language immersion

The language immersion course is designed for non-French speakers, particularly expatriate spouses, who are looking to master French both orally and in writing.

Company mandates

Discover our new offer: foreign language courses (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese) specially designed for multinational companies.

Whether you are a large team or an individual, these courses can be delivered face-to-face or online, depending on your preferences.

French courses in Neuchâtel

Learning methodology

My French courses in Neuchâtel are adapted to all levels of knowledge. I welcome learners, adults, children and companies, at school, face-to-face or online, but I also come to your home in the canton of Neuchâtel.

The first lesson is designed to understand your needs and objectives, which we set together following an assessment of your oral expression. The training is based on verbal exchange (OPAH method), which we enrich with grammar lessons and vocabulary cards.

Classes and workshops are tailored to your progress. The final assessment certifies your acquired language level.

apprentissage du français canton de neuchatel

French courses in the canton of Neuchâtel

Develop your confidence in French

Learn French and communicate with confidence with the world. Contact me to make an appointment for your first French course in Neuchâtel. Intensive courses or at your own pace.

What our students think

Read our students’ testimonials to discover how our courses have transformed their language skills and enriched their personal and professional lives.

For a few months now, I've been taking a private course with Nicole Durand. Attentive to my wishes and needs, she offers lively sessions focusing on everyday conversation, while integrating essential grammatical knowledge. So it's just what I was looking for.

Sandra Portuguese course

Nicole is not only competent, but she also puts a lot of joy, passion and heart into her lessons, and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Noémie Portuguese course

I've been learning English and German with Nicole for 2 years now and I'm really enjoying my lessons. Incidentally, you don't feel like you're in a class, having to learn something that you'll then have to master impeccably. The good thing is that you learn what you can and what you need to learn. It's based more on an intuitive approach to language. Even as a beginner, it's easy to make progress with this type of training. We learn by having simple discussions, which gradually become more complex as we evolve.


At first, the idea of speaking English made me really shy. But within the first few minutes with Nicole, everything changed. She has an incredible way of making lessons relevant and engaging, with an emphasis on oral practice. With her, every lesson is a new adventure: you learn while having fun, and you almost forget it's a class. What's really great is the flexibility of the courses, with the option of doing them online or at home. I'm progressing and my confidence in English is improving day by day, and fear has given way to the pleasure of learning. Nicole turned my apprehension into a revolutionary learning experience!


Nicole has been teaching me English for over a year now, and I'm completely satisfied with her work. I have improved enormously and am making huge progress very quickly. Nicole is committed, competent, a good listener and patient. She also knows how to put us at ease and adapts to our individual needs.
These courses are interesting and innovative with a very good learning method. I highly recommend it!

Oksana Takes English course

French courses Neuchâtel

Why learn French with me?

Fluency in French is essential for linguistic and cultural integration. My French courses can also be complemented by cultural or social activities, such as museum visits or simple local cooking classes, to put language learning at the heart of cultural and local immersion.

French is my mother tongue, so beautiful, yet so complex, full of subtleties in both grammar and pronunciation. My mastery of four foreign languages means that I understand the challenge that learning French can represent in relation to your language, an asset that will enlighten your learning at my school.

fond vide
cours de français Neuchâtel

At the start of training, it’s mainly the complicated pronunciation of the language that can be difficult. Starting by mastering phonetics will make learning easier later on.

No. Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German, I understand the difficulties that French can represent in relation to your mother tongue. My lessons will be adapted to your level.

If you don’t live in a French-speaking environment, you’ll need more than three months to master the basics and communicate confidently in French.

Our training center offers solutions forlearning French that are perfectly adapted to everyday life in Switzerland. Indeed, the language of Molière is a must in this multilingual country, where it rubs shoulders with German and Italian. Whether you’re a child, a recent arrival or a student looking to improve your skills, our courses are the ideal solution.

Each of our groups has a limited number of learners, encouraging personalized teaching and fruitful exchanges. Our experienced teachers impart not only words and grammatical rules, but also the cultural information essential for true literacy in this richly nuanced language.

As the lessons progress, you’ll strengthen your oral and written skills, whether you’re communicating at work, with your neighbors or when dealing with the authorities. Learning French will become a major asset in your everyday life in Switzerland.

Don’t hesitate and join one of our level groups today. Our teams will be delighted to guide you towards mastery of this beautiful language, the key to successful integration in the heart of French-speaking Switzerland.